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About Me

Hello gorgeous.

I am so grateful that you swung by. Let me tell you a little bit about me and this naked life I'm living. I am Katie Yackley Moore and I want to be a writer when I grow up. I figured this was a good place to start. I teach yoga and I love to take it even more. I have four young kids (Lucy, Niko and Sophia and Micah are twins). Technically Lucy just turned nine so I'm not sure that I can still call them "young" kids but I like how it sounds so I'm just going to ride that word out for as long as possible. They are wild and exactly who I was meant to adore. I love raw, open, honest people and especially those who long to dance on tables. I love local. And handmade. And wine. And found inspiration in the most random places. And coffee shops. Oh and my husband. He is my favorite rockstar. We've been together for a while in life and he makes me so damn happy.

If I had more hours in the day I would read and write more but as long as most days include laughing and dancing than I feel that I'm in a pretty fabulous place. I published a dream journal last year called Dream a Bigger Dream and it is an inspiring book to help you reflect, create and live out loud. I'm working on a novel and a children's book and about 18 more titles in my head that I really need to just put pen to paper and release. I'll keep you updated as life unfolds.

So here we are on this journey together so let's not just merely survive it. Let's own it baby.
I am so thankful to you. I read every comment, every message, every e-mail and I will never take it for granted that people take time out of their busy worlds to read my words and every so often they resonate with someone else. It is not a slight thing. And that is why I keep writing.

So much love and joy to you...


Sweet sister Juls and our poppa in the back.

I dig black and white.
The crew.
Never a dull moment.
And I wouldn't want it any other way.

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