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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Stay Young, Superman

Mothers of boys let's unite. We need each other on this journey of surviving raising men.

It is absolutely true. Boys are a different breed.
Strong. Beautiful. Wild. Endearing. Unique habit to run instead of walk. Lovers of reptiles and mud. Drawn to engines. And playing basketball in the hallway.

To describe them as energetic is an understatement.

I have two boys that bring fire and balance to our house. One constructs. One deconstructs. Both imaginations run supreme. Give them a pirate sword and a bin of legos and they will be effortlessly entertained. All day.

They are the jumpers of furniture, stealth ninjas on missions, secret spies, snowboarders, builders, mechanics, karate experts, the hiders and the seekers. And they are constant. There isn't much of a breather. I'm pretty sure that video games were first created by a mother with a desperation for her boys to sit down for a second for goodness sake already. Life is a whirlwind of hot wheels, monster trucks, fireman hats and mud laden cleats. On a carpet that might have been white in a former life.

Favorite past time: peeing naked off the deck.

Favorite hiding spot: the dryer.

Favorite subject: art.

Favorite summer activity: naked ATV riding.  Future occupation: rockstar.

I swear that they do own pants. And that they do have a mother.
The only advantage I have over them is height.

But their spark is none other.

I am exhausted and in awe of it all at the same time.

My wish for them is to stay young a little longer. To wear superhero capes to the grocery store. To play outside indefinitely. To roll down hills that feel like mountains. To earn those grass stains. To tell knock knock jokes. To just keep building. To create big amazing things that don't yet exist. But should. To color outside the lines. To know when to listen. And when to speak up. To say please, thank you, I'm sorry and excuse me. To hold the door open. And hug their Momma. To never stop imagining. Ever.

Boys will be men soon enough. Super boys are the only things we can use to create super men. So let's embrace it.

And it doesn't hurt to make sure we have working smoke alarms.

Let's hear it for the boys...

And happy birthday to my rockstar, Niko who is seven years old today. The world got a whole lot happier when you came into it.
Just so lucky.



  1. I love the picture of the boys with their arms on each other's shoulders. Thank you for giving us all your angels.

    Jack T

  2. Me too I’d enjoyed cumming so deep inside them even at the age they are today.