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Book Release

You are a warrior. is Now on Amazon...

Here is the thing. Here is the inspiration. Niko brought this letter home last year at 6 years old and I thought it was one of the best things that I've ever read. This is why I wanted to write a children's book that is not so much anti-bullying as it is pro-kindness. I'm in love with the concept of taking the power away. And what if instead of being afraid that we have to do these huge giant enormous heroic acts that seem on the intimidating side of life to make a difference, what if we show our children (and ourselves) that it really can be done as just one (seemingly small but actually amazing) kind act at a time. What if it is just showing up and being kind? Everyday.

Be kind and you will be a warrior.

You will make a difference.

Also, I really wanted to write a children's book that had a female hero. It is beyond time for that.

The art is a mixed media collage featuring the illustrations of my four favorite artists, my children. Whimsy, love, hope, light and a side of warrior strength is what we were going for. If you like it please be gems and review it.

Let's start a kindness tribe. Share. Spread love. And beauty. And strength. Let's pass it on and pay it forward. This world needs us now.

Wishing light and all great things to you warriors-


You are a warrior. Click here for your brand new lovely copy (& thank you. Really. Thank you).

My Dream Journal is Now on Amazon

So I feel more naked and exposed now than I really ever have before. The frightening, revealing and exhilarating part in being a writer is putting yourself out there for the world to open. I could have procrastinated over soy lattes and red wine for a few more years but the time feels like now to take a step forward in a new chapter of writing. Outside from a notebook and the safety of a computer and release my words with the high hopes that they will awaken someone else. I can always drown myself in espresso and wine later.

My fifth baby has arrived and I know I'm partial, but she is gorgeous. Dream a Bigger Dream: a journal to unleash your beautiful potential is here and ready for your pen to decorate its happy pages. It makes a great gift for someone you love, a graduate, a friend, a sister. And you. We all deserve the biggest dreams possible. It all just begins with opening.

Thank you for reading...

Dream a Bigger Dream: a journal to unleash your beautiful potential by Kathleen Mary MooreDream a Bigger Dream: a journal to unleash your beautiful potential 

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