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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

March Comes In Like a Lioness

Forget coming in like a lion... I feel like when March begins it is the lionesses that reign, loud and proud. Remember those new years resolutions set oh so long before the superbowl, Valentine's Day and winter hibernation? Oh yes, I made about 37.

I'm calling for a new beginning of a new season with all of the motivation of March that we can muster. Want to run a 5K? Now is the time to release those legs in the fresh air and sign up for one. Want to organize? Now is the time to donate to a worthy cause with your unused clothes, housewares and toys or make an appointment with a consignment shop and clean out those closets. Want to start eating healthier? Now is the time to start planting the seeds to grow your own garden. You can also kill two resolutions at once by doing some spring cleaning of your pantry; if you do not want something in your body (or your children's bodies) than it is time to let it go.

I love the thought of spring cleaning our bodies and spirits. The change of season is nature's way of giving us new goals and appointments with the outdoors. No one wants to waste a perfect weather day. So don't. Take advantage of a snow day by making slow-cooked vegetable soup, seize a rainy day by clearing out any area of your home that ails you and take advantage of the sun by going out and letting it move you. Any weather can be perfect if you seize the productivity within it.

My goals for March? Saving more green and living more green. Here is my (hopeful) plan:

  • More homemade, less store-bought.
  • Plan meals in advance & head to the store with a list (Kris Carr has a wonderfully crazy sexy meal planner here:
  • Only buy what we need (this is my downfall; I'm attracted to all things shiny and on sale).
  • Take a look at your receipts and see how it breaks down to how much you spend in various categories: fruits and vegetables, dairy, grains, the dollar section in Target, etc. This sounds tedious but it is shocking to see how much the olive bar can add up as well as all of those things that you may not actually want your family to consume but they still find a way into your cart. See what doesn't really deserve to be purchased by your hard-working self.
  • Support the smaller guys- local markets, independently owned shops and local farmers & wineries (it's amazing what you find when you google farms in your area- I just did and found a fabulous winery that I never knew even existed about 5 minutes away that offers tastings and sells it by the bottle at local wine stores- what?! Reducing our carbon footprint and supporting local grapes, yes please- Other nearby fantastic finds- and
  • Shop with more thought and intention. Yes that is hard to do with children in tow. But it is a lesson for all of us in what we say yes and no to in our bodies and in our homes.
  • Shop and sell to consignment shops. I just read that Americans throw out, on average, 68 pounds of clothing each year. This a stylish way to recycle and reuse.
  • Start composting (please forgive me that I have not yet started doing this; I'm smacking my own hand right now). Truth be told: I have been more afraid that I won't get it right instead of just trying and learning through the process. Let me get out of my own way.
Now it is your turn. Any green tried and true tips that have worked for you? Please share them by commenting below (composting tips are extra welcome). Happy March to you dear lionesses. Go out there and let yourself roar...


  1. Katie, Thanks again for a wonderful blog. It is funny you should post this today...yesterday I began thinking I really need to start keeping track of every dime I spend. My goal is to get a little composition book and start tracking what we spend... so we buy what we need, and savor the things we can splurge on. This way we aren't pinched and wondering where did our money go. Planning the shopping list is key. Also there are consignment shops and then there are places you can sign up to consign. My college alumni organization does a children's consignment that raises money for turn those 60+ lbs of clothing into something special (which is actually this Saturday,and the great thing is it helps local families too scoop up some great deals of slightly used clothes, toys etc). Thanks again!!!

  2. Sarah thank you so much for reading and for your fabulous tips! Good luck with the children's consignment this weekend- what an awesome idea!
    Cheers to you my dear...