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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Embracing Spring

Happy new season to you friends. My goal for April is to take spring in. Savor the sun. Grow plants from seeds. Play in the grass. Recreate and renew what needs to be freshened indoors and out and to let go of what is broken or weighing us down. I'm making a policy for our home that if is not beautiful or functional that it no longer takes up valuable real estate in our lives (yes, that goes for you too playroom).

I plan on embracing a whole lot more of this...
Spring is my most favorite time of the year and I am one yard sale away from letting the sun shine in. If you are local and want to help a great cause, our sweet non-profit preschool, The South County Preschool Co-op ( is holding a multi-family yard sale (and pancake breakfast- yum) on April 20th from 9-12 a.m. at South River High School (201 Central Ave. E. Edgewater, Maryland). Tables are $10 so please be a gem and contact me if you are interested through the comments below or by e-mail,

And so much more of this... I can't wait to hold you again sweet peas.

And by living these words stated so beautifully by Marilyn Monroe, to be more lively, ridiculous and anything but boring.

Tell me how you plan to embrace the season you inspiring beings you by commenting below (I've changed the settings so it should be easier now to post). Thank you so...

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