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Thursday, October 2, 2014

To Lucy On Your 10th Birthday

Dearest Lucy...

Smart stunning girl. Ten years old today. Are you sure that's right? Yes, 10 it is. 10:24 pm on 10.2.04. Thank you for simplifying the math for me (we both know that it's not my strong suit).

So I've tried, cried and bled to show you the good stuff over the last decade... I know I am no perfect teacher (ahem: nor are you the perfect student) but the world needs less attempts at perfection and more celebration of flaws. I do know time and time again that this what a child needs from their momma: to kiss your wounds when you fall, to be brave even when it is the last thing you feel like doing, to be kind no matter what. But what I haven't told you is that those things don't get any easier over time. You have to still be kind no matter what and be more brave than what you think your small body can even hold. Because there are going to be more falls, inside and out, ones that will rock you to the core and I won't always be there to kiss each one. But keep going forward. You are resilience with a hefty side of potential. You've got this next decade by the horns. You are enough. Never doubt that.

Please know this: life is not fair. Your grandfather used to drive me insane by telling it endlessly to me until it was my own mantra when I was old enough to realize that he was right. The world is not fair and it owes us nothing. We owe it with all the gifts entrusted in us to take it on each day and take it with a smile. Keep on smiling love and hold nothing back.

Don't forget this: you were born of tenacious spirit and mind. I would expect nothing less. Sugar and spice and everything nice? No thanks. I'll take my girls fierce, strong and all things mighty any day.

Always remember this: find your own happy and you will never feel at a loss for joy anywhere your life leads. Strive to be a better, more joyous you every day and let others worry about themselves. Don't get caught up in that type of worry of what everyone else thinks or comparison of what they have to what you have. It will steal your joy.  Nobody has time for that. The world needs more originals anyway.

And most importantly: when in doubt, dance. Life is always more fun when you do.

Cheers to the next decade and embracing it loud and proud. Stay awake for the adventures ahead love. The world needs more eye openers and big dreamers.

The world needs you.

You are more than I could have ever hoped for. Happy birthday beauty.




  1. Beautiful words, from a beautiful daughter to a beautiful granddaughter! But more than beautiful words and beautiful people: strong, inspired, inspiring, full of joy and promise, words to live by! I love you both!

  2. Happy Birthday, my beautiful granddaughter, you are kind, you are sensitive, you are your own person, you are full of hope, you will lead others, and your family will always cheer you on. You have made me exceedingly proud of you. Your Momma and Poppa have done a fantastic job.

    Love you more than you can imagine,