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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Life with Twins

Here are snapshots of a life with twins. Here are just some of the priceless moments of our last 5 years with these babes in our world. And of course what we have learned...

To everyone with babes, one, two or oh so many more, stock up on the wine, laughter and caffeine friends. And don't forget to take pictures. 


There's a lot of cuteness. 

There's a lot of trying to be like pinterest. Until you realize every project will result in tears.

There's a lot of this.
And this. Sharing germs is our favorite. 

So is stealing electronics.

Life is a little bit messy. 

Or a lot. 

Don't worry Mom. We can find the jar of Aquaphor on our own. 

They're willing to try anything. Thanks Uncles. 

They will consume things that are not even close to being food.

Seriously...who keeps putting these diapers on? 

Duct tape = survival.

When you blink they will do this... 
The only time they prefer to wear clothing is actually the places where they're not supposed to.

    Potty training may have taken 3 years.

Dirt and nudity will find them wherever they go.

Is there really a better way to read?

Life is really all about the shoes.

And sometimes we are upset because we tried to put on too many pairs of underwear. 
Everything becomes a toy. Or a way to get onto a counter.

Or sometimes things are just in their way. Like all of these clothes that were in drawers.

Make-up is the most fun. Especially on Christmas. When we are hosting it. And momma hasn't put any on yet.

They will find a way to do anything.
Anything can become a swing.

 Or a new chair. Like this sink. 

Chairs are so much more fun if you don't wear pants. 
Pants are so overrated. 

They can do anything at all.

And everything at once.

They will find a way to get bruises and you have no idea what they did.

They literally exhaust themselves to the point of this.

They will find a way to escape. Always. 

    They will find a way.

And find the keys to the ATV.

And just when you think they will color on paper...

I swear we own clothes. 

Seriously it is that exhausting to keep up with your twin.

And then the next time you blink, here they are. Clothed and holding hands.
And you don't know how you all made it.
But you did.
And you try not to do anymore blinking because this journey is just the most fun.
And exhausting.
And you wouldn't want it any other way. 


  1. Probably my favorite post yet- I love, love, love the pis of those beautiful, wild twins. Just think of how many life lessons you've learned from being their wonderful mom!

    1. The life lessons are priceless and somehow keep happening daily.
      Thanks for reading you amazing being. Love you so...

  2. I love that at the end of the day when they are totally exhausted, they choose Wormpa to be their pillow because it truly doesn't get any better than this for a Grandparent.


  3. Oh, duct tape on diapers. That was just great. Ha ha.