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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Let's Spray Paint the Hell Out of a Doormat

I'd have to say that there is a third type of woman: a goddess who likes to spray paint doormats. This girl likes to spray paint everything so why should a doormat be left out? This is a crazy easy project for a doormat that is need of some love and can be completely customized however you fancy.

The Players:

-Ugly, neglected doormat in need of some character
-One can of all purpose/surface spray paint in the color of your choice
-One can of matte clear all surface spray paint
-One wooden letter of your choice (or you could use a few letters- why not? Go wild with it); I found the "M" I used at Michaels but I have also seen some smaller ones at Paper Source; Etsy is also a great source for some beautiful ones

The Game:

This is so easy, I'm pretty sure actual words need not be typed to get the idea across but I've recently cleaned up a lot of vomit (not mine; those little angel children again) off of our couch and I think that it is important that I find some wit inside of me again.

Oh honey. You either need to be cleaned or get a facelift. Facelift it is.

What's happy about this font of "M" is that it also looks like the University of Maryland's "M" and that is my husband's alma mater. Win-win baby. Seriously Terps, could you get some more wins next season please? We have your M as the entrance to our home for heavens sake.

You can lay out tape in any fun way. I kept it basic because this was our first attempt and I had those small fingers assisting me. I was also out of painters tape but masking works in a pinch.

Go bat shit crazy with spray paint.
This is my brand of preference. Bonus that it is red for those Terps. And red is my favorite color.
It makes me feel like a goddess while cleaning up bodily fluids.

I used two coats of red and once it was completely dry I topped it off with clear spray paint to protect it. Here is the final product, slightly worn in and imperfect but that is really what makes a home a home anyway...

Welcome to our home of color and M's. Please have some wine.
And the painted M also looks happy hanging on a door.
M for Master of Spray Paint. Or Moore. Whichever. And M upside down is of course W for Wine. Together we have Moore Wine.
And what a fabulous reminder of all things important when we head out the door.

Until the next project or tangent...
Cheers to you-

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